Ancient Sea Salt Crystals
Ancient Sea Salt Crystals

Ancient Sea Salt Crystals

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Why to buy Sea Salt Crystals?
1- Super easy way to get the salt you need while fasting! Natural, and calorie free!
How to use them?
1 - Lick them throughout the day to replenish electrolytes and and curb cravings.
2 - Use them to make Sole water...
How to make sole water? Video
Step 1 - Put a handful of sea salt crystals into a container with a lid.
Step 2 - Cover the rocks with water (we suggest purified or spring water.
Step 3 - Put the lid on
Step 4 - Let sit for at least 2 hours or overnight.
How to take sole water?
Add 1 spoonful (approximately 1 tsp) of sole water into your first morning glass of water and stay salty all day long!

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